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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to the new UP2MTNS Rally Team BLOG!

This is a continuation of my previous blog, found at: http://psgrallywrx.blogspot.com/

We needed a little more control, so basically created my own account and am starting over. I'll continue to cover the exploits, events, news, sponsorships, photos, videos, results and products used by the UP2MTNS Rally Team!

I'll be updating this regularly via email, text, Qik videos, and the plain'ol laptop!

The 2010 California Rally Series Championship is starting up next month in Blythe, CA (http://www.desertstormrally.com/) and we will be there! I have a guest co-driver, Tom Morningstar, from www.TheSmokingTire.com. He will be there with Matt Farah (host/founder) and they'll be putting together an episode featuring UP2MTNS!

Right now the main effort is going into rebuilding the DMS gravel suspension, which is being done by Odi Bakchis at Feal Suspension. Also the front end is getting revamped with a new hood (courtesy of www.extremedimensions.com) and new front fenders.

We'll be at the CRS Rally School this month, February 19-20 as well!

This year is starting out strong with lots of activity in the pipe around sponsorships, Lassa Rally Tyres, and upgrades to the car... all great stuff that will be announced here, so please sign-up for updates, and lets go rally!

Click to enlarge, Photo by Louie Minette

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